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Five Nights at Freddy`s 3- scary horror title

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FNAF 3– Game genre of point-and-click, survival horror, released by indie developer Scott Cawthon, the third game in the series games Five Nights at Freddy’s. Presumably the action game is set in 2017 (30 years after the second part).
It was originally placed in Steam Greenlight and approved by the community for the release of Steam. March 2 released version for the PC, March 7 released version for Android, and on 12 March came the version for iOS.
The game takes place 30 years after the pizzeria «Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza» closed. Occurring in the murder of six) have become nothing more than rumors. The owners decided to revive the legend of pizza, creating «Fazbear Fright: The Horror Attraction» (eng. “Horror stories Fazbera: Attraction horror”). Searching the derelict building pizza, they found a lot of old parts, dismantled animatronics and made a surprising discovery in the form of one (strongly battered but relatively whole) animatronics.
On a post guard in the open is not an attraction arranged an unknown person. He will be working in this institution. During the first two nights of the guard calls the phone the guy who tells him of his duties. On the second night the phone guy says he will stavezhimom suit that people can use and some other things that will help to fully understand the plot of the game. About them tells the other person (the guy from the phone the previous parts). These recordings are played throughout the rest nights.
At the end of every night the player is able to play a mini-game. For four nights, we learn that when the pizzeria was already abandoned, animatronics were fully serviceable. It becomes clear why animatronics were dismantled. They in turn dismantled Purple people. On the fifth night of the spirits of all five children surrounded Violet person who is in the secret room (about it tells one of the recordings on the tape).
Purple Man frightened and to hide from the ghosts, puts on a suit SpringTrapa, hoping they will not get it. Purple guy starts laughing, but suddenly mechanism closes (about the “features” the suit says telephone man), a spring suit straightened, releasing endoskeleton suit that person and kills Violet. Hence the name of animatronics (“Spring Trap”). While he was bleeding to death, beating in its death throes on the floor.
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