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Call of Mini Squad has created such groundbreaking Five nights at Freddy’s 3?

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fnaf 3 - Unlike previously, Call of Mini Squad again brought to the breakthrough players and many new features.
Triniti Internative Studios – talented game developers coming from Shanghai, China recently launched its next product is the game Call of Mini Squad named on mobile devices. Through the Call of Mini Squad name, surely readers have guessed this is the next mobile game in the list of the game Call of Mini of the carrier.
Game Call of Mini Squad take gamers to a world being takeovers, the daily peace or a happy life, beautiful were ravaged by dangerous diseases. Everyone in the world are being turned into living corpses except for a group of people are still struggling to search for life and that is the players.
Join the game Call of Mini Squad, players will be a leader, the commander of a group of heroic. Despite building a successful sanctuaries but the obsession and desperation still clinging to the life of the party. These days without food or resources to give life like a clock that is counting down to death.
In the series Call of Mini, could say the look is the most impressive point for gamers. Likewise for the game Call of Mini Squad, involved in the game, players will get a foothold in the world with the character animation is designed in the style “dwarfs” with a square head very funny , lovely.
However, unlike earlier, game Call of Mini Squad for gamers to bring any breakthrough gameplay and many new features. TPS is a shooter mixed with RPG elements and gameplay tactics ARPG, join the game, gamers will have the task of recruiting the character is capable of fighting for additions to the squad. For those members, players will step into the battle zombies is sweeping the city devastated and attack innocent people.
Call of Mini Squad game is built on the foundation of 3D graphics, so games for gamers bring beautiful images with high fineness and honesty in every frame.
Set foot in the game, players will see the base of the heroes with designs penchant technology. The main color and highlights in blue interface is said to that. Here, all the heroes that gamers can own and are displayed in a horizontal row. Every time players only on one character, the potential parameters will appear below the touch screen for ease of comparison and to grasp.
The interface of the game Call of duty Mini Squad is designed quite unique as bringing gamers a city map as GPS were taken from satellites. It would appear these locations to gamers step into the game and any confrontation with zombies extremely barbaric bloodthirsty.
Step into the combat in the game interface Call of Mini Squad, can see that the background graphic used bright colors to portray the era low overcast, dark by the annexation of the zombies. However thus, the character or special skills to stand out on the background graphics through contrast in color and brightness.
With a maximum of 5 members of a team, a player can switch between characters to control the operation of one of them. Meanwhile, other soldiers will fight automatically and move the control of gamers.
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