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Five opponents nights at Freddy’s 3 was introduced Perception blind game with character

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Fnaf – Perception is the title game was cared by the hands which worked so successfully for other horror games is BioShock and Dead Space.
Bill Gardner spent 12 years working at Irrational Games label and in the meantime, he worked on the construction of impressive backgrounds in line shooter BioShock. Nay, this designer has just launched a new game project on Kickstarter his own entitled Perception idea combines adventure genre and horror.
Games Perception is an adventure thriller, the story is about the character Cassie, a blind heroine who use hearing and sharp intelligence, his special to unravel the mystery of a land abandoned that dream haunting her every night. Since the game’s main character is blind so everything is really special place.
Perception takes place in the abandoned house with the main character is a 29 year old woman named Cassie Thornton blind. Here exists a supernatural entity known by the nickname “The Presence” – which is implied under certain Cassie because she was not well and she must use his wisdom to discover the secrets of the house home and escape this place as soon as possible. Does that girl have completed their tasks?

Because you can not see the character Cassie is forced to use hearing to locate their position, with the same manner as what is portrayed in the hit movie Daredevil, 2003. Any sound will Cassie help visualize their surroundings as black and white image style negatives. However, if excessive noise causing noisy, The Presence will seek to Cassie and of course followed by the Game Over.
Besides hearing, the protagonist is Cassie also get help from boyfriend via smartphone. Cassie she can use the phone to record images of the surrounding environment and sent for the man Serge (name of the boyfriend) let him give appropriate instructions. However, Serge not always be present by the snowstorm raging outside as well as the influence of The Presence. Should you still have to use energy and his intelligence is essential.
“The Presence wandering around in the house and Cassie can not do anything but flee. She can throw objects to make noise distracting when confronted by The Presence. The time left, Cassie will gradually gradually discover the mysteries inside the house as well as the origin of The Presence mystery.
Architecture and decoration developed, the entire wing and buildings come and go and do change their relationship with the space character. Once the characters have discovered the origin of evil in every generation, it’s your job to do.
Feel the environment by hearing rather than vision – an idea not so new in the horror genre in particular and video games in general but is rarely successful. So Perception of Bill Gardner is a potential to do it when the team behind the game are the people that made the success of BioShock, Infinite and Dead Space. The first step, expected Perception earned $ 150,000 on Kickstarter funds donated to game launch in May 6/2016 up for PC.
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