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Why monsters in horror Dead Space Than Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

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five nights at freddy’s 3 – What makes the game Dead Space more unique competitors, the horror genre is the ultimate feeling of solitude on a space ship full of horrible creatures. Naturally, the game Dead Space 2 can continue to bring these experiences under in single player, but unknown Visceral Games will handle how the multiplayer?
That is, they created a new fear. In Dead Space 2’s multiplayer, both teams will try to cancel each other out in the game screen there are five subtasks. A team consists of four members of the security team Sprawl, and the other team is … four children Necromorph.
If a player falls on the Sprawl, a controller and interface in multiplayer nothing else than what we are accustomed. Each team member has the same equipment and have the ability to temporarily freeze the melee Necromorph for ease.
Whenever beat a Necromorph, ammunition boxes and supplies blood to fall off. Additionally, the game will bring long-term experience. If you play long enough, experience points will increase the level and allows players to use the equipment with new weapons.
Necromorph team on the other hand, have four different membership altogether. Players can choose one of the basic types of Necromorph to play in the team, including spitter, Lurker, Puker and a member of The Pack goes retail.

Lurker – a half-octopus creature half-spider, capable crawling on the wall and firing the bullets. The pack remains deformed child with sharp claws and long jump ability is very strong. Spitter, of course, remains a sluggish beast capable of spraying bullets from afar … Puker not be used in the Demo version.
One of these scenarios require Sprawl group to find three parts of a bomb, take it on the central area, timed explosive and then exit the area. This is not a simple task with the Necromorph constantly being reborn.
Members found to carry it piece parts and can not run fast, making him become easy targets of the Necromorph and should have the support of teammates. Even if the bomb parts were brought back, the player must protect it in a short time before going to find the next piece.
The Necromorph, although there is no advantage in equipment and no additional blood is often selected position but his reappearance. Not only that, you can change yourself Necromorph control sample. However, to avoid the Necromorph team huddled one place, you’ll have to wait for teammates before reappearing and left the room before appearing.
In the second player screen, you need to activate a switch output to prepare the escape ship. After successful activation, the team must overcome the constant attack of Necromorph herd, running to the launch area to win. The biggest problem here is in the final stages of the game, Forum Necromorph can stand in the room waiting for launch, making the last moments of the game screen becomes an extremely stressful wresting.
Temporarily, this seems multiplayer play and relatively challenging. Although it does not have to be heavy as sharp horror of part one, but obviously it will succeed in bringing about a significant amount of gameplay later.
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