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Resident Evil HD super dangerous Remaster- opponents of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

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fnaf3 - Unlike many horror games are released in recent time, Resident Evil HD Remaster game takes players back to the traditional style of horror. Want to complete the game, gamers must utilize different tactics altogether if want to return the entire network.
Avoid direct clashes
Resident Evil HD Remaster game is very different from today’s horror games. In the game, guns always in shortage, to the players never have more than three rounds of ammunition in a bag. Therefore, if circumstances allow, restrict the use of weapons as much as possible to avoid unnecessary losses. For example, a player without wasting too much ammunition to kill the snake in the face Yawn it the first time or with Tiran when they encounter it on the terrace.
Do not forget Crimson Head
Crimson Head can move very fast speed, the ability to run and jump of them have surpassed humans. Their wildly stronger with the fatal bite, claw terrible blow from sharp claws, they even attack the other zombies in their path. To prevent a Crimson Head zombies change we need to shoot zombies tank top or burn them. However, there is another way to become a Crimson Head zombies no, that’s not beat them when they were still able to move, which is also consistent with avoiding clashes tactic to save bullets.
Be prepared to … go back
One reason Crimson Head became annoyed monster was caught by Resident Evil players to wander in an area of ​​the map several times. This same hallway, sometimes players have to go through it no less than a dozen times just to do a task, solving a puzzle, open a door … This is not only time consuming but also makes people Discouraged impatient.
For best results, be sure to memorize the shortest distance of the villa, and fire guns to clean up that ramp. Players should give priority to the room with a typewriter and that day, for instance, have room hallway health by character will have to go through here no less than ten times.
Just save the game at important places
In this game, checkpoint to save game no longer exists, instead of typewriters and cartridges, things were familiar to gamers in Resident Evil. The more difficult modes of play, the less number of cartridges, while there are many areas to and fro to ten times, especially since the puzzles in the game are not always easy to resolve. Therefore, try to break between the time saved game to save, and only have to use it before entering the boss fight or encounter difficulty killing monsters like Hunter.
Manage items
Characters will only have 8 boxes containing items and soon, those cells will be filled, because the game has quite a few things that can pick up and all useful at all. Thus, whenever a temporary safety, stop to check the items, at least 4 boxes blank items, and return to the place nearest chest when both 8 this box is full.
Try to only carry one weapon and ammunition enough for a cell range. Players can combine herbs together to can save blanks. And finally, not to bring items such as used to solve puzzles or family crest mask unless the player has definitely figured out how to solve that puzzle.
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