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Fan called to rival Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 back

Written By fnaf 3 on Thứ Sáu, 29 tháng 5, 2015 | 00:25

 fnaf 3 - Many gamers are willing to contribute funds through Kickstarter to support Hideo Kojima returned.
One of the event as well as bad news for the gamer world this year may prove to be nothing other than Silent Hills project officially canceled. Hideo Kojima left Konami, all titles are in his plans which also wiped out, it left many gamers extremely disappointed, even somewhat urgent.
Hideo Kojima unclear and development team in Hideo Productions will go, but as soon as the Silent Hills Demo PT Konami officially removed from PSN few days ago, many gamers have signed the decision, calling, even write Hideo letter sent to his heart, hope he will continue to Guillermo del Toro collaboration with this game to perform in the near future.
Even if difficulties in the development process, they would be willing to donate through Kickstarter until he completed this project. Many gamers also sent its letter center Hideo Kojima to expect until he will return in one day:
“Dear Mr. Hideo and Guillermo, when the news of horror Silent Hills project officially canceled, it is extremely shocking news for our players. Since PT demo was released, many gamers have must expect a lot in this game when it came out, hoping it will bring a breath of fresh air for the world-lane game. Please continue to develop Silent Hills, if necessary, we will gladly inform donations through Kickstarter to help fund a portion of funds for implementation. In addition, we are also very grateful for the game that he brought to the duration of this work to “.
Earlier, PT – try playing the demo for Silent Hills introduction – the latest version of the popular horror series has just been announced that it will remove from the system PlayStation Store since 29/4. Any fan yet understand that this also means that the future of Silent Hills is becoming very blurred.
Even then, the company has announced the official to stop Germany with this game plan. Brought about the latest game demos to try PT also removed from the system Playstation Store. Thus only those who download the game before the new 19/4 chance to know how distorted it round and take advantage of this issue, some gamers are selling PS4 have installed PT with astronomical prices at sites like eBay electronic marketplace.
Specifically, some of the PS4 as on sale at £ 1,000.
Debuted at Gamescom 2014, PT was introduced as a demo of the new version of Silent Hills and experience it brings at that time were very promising. Most of Hideo Kojima’s games who knows that he is capable of “brain hacking” ingenious gamer how and skills will certainly promote that very well in the style of horror like Silent Spirituality Hills.
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