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Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly favorite among the youth than at Freddy’s Five Nights

Written By fnaf 3 on Thứ Ba, 2 tháng 6, 2015 | 18:54

five nights at freddy’s 3 - Join the Fatal Frame 2 not only bring you moments of tension but also touched by finding the true situation.
Tecmo for the first time launched a genre horror games on the PlayStation 2 system, called Fatal Frame. Despite the horror genre (horror games) but with Fatal Frame, you will not have to face anything disgusting and violent.
Instead, Tecmo whacked fear of the girls and spirituality by changing things violent, disgusting that we often see in a horror game with a melancholic soul.
This release will be a long journey, centers around two core character’s twin sister Mayu and Mio … When the two sisters decided to visit a childhood secret that they came here to play. With this visit, the two people can hope to somewhat revise our memories but unfortunately, they return home to play day was also the day of destiny, fate has arranged.
In a rush, Mayu was slipping and foot injuries, the main events were sequelae to this day, making Mayu limping. While Mio sat absorbed sister Mayu thought she saw a strange butterfly with brilliant crimson color, red color of blood, red color of fate … So Mayu chase them. And when Mio remembered the presence of his sister, the Mayu went deep into the forest. So the chase sister Mayu. Butterfly put them beyond the woods and came to a village had suddenly disappeared from the map a decade ago has suddenly appeared. The sisters entered the village. Along the way, they found a small bag, which contains a flashlight, a camera worn, inside has less film and some photographs, the paper notes something. When the village was once, Mayu back chasing butterflies and the missing red. So right from now, you will play your Mio to find her with a flashlight and used camera in hand.
In the process of scouring the village to find a way out, Mayu and Mio will discover a terrible secret is buried in the village.
Finally, 2 sisters fate Mayu, Mio will turn out. Will they escape the village to return to reality? Fatal Frame 2 plot of truly rich and highlighted. A highly emotional face sister, on the other hand condemn the barbaric act of superstitious people in the past.
Once entered Fatal Frame 2, ensuring you will not stop anymore because the facts are built very reasonable, charismatic and attractive.
If you’ve played Final Fantasy, who spent long hours to admire the CG to already expressed regret seeing a scene in heaven vuc- Games- a nightmare, but now there will be no more. Photos in Fatal Frame 2 very smooth and very natural. Limit separation to distinguish you see footage that is CG or cutsence now only be visualized as a filament. Although only launched after the first edition has about 1 year but some polygons constitutes the character in Fatal Frame 2 increased markedly, the movement also is much more flexible.
Excluding the two protagonists are sisters Mio and Mayu are built in the style half truth half anime (Japanese animation), then all remaining ghosts are built in the style real (Real Life).
In addition, using different shades of 100 years ago with the images, black and white footage interwoven with beautiful scenery vivid, very realistic modern times make players actually can not What pluck it from his own feeling, not anyone else but Mio is entering adventure seeking his sister so
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