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Lakeview Cabin Collection not inferior Five nights at Freddy’s 3 about the horror

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Game Lakeview Cabin Collection was launched and giving the gamers to enjoy the feeling of “chilling” literally.
If a person or track animated films on the internet, make sure you will never forget the Happy Tree Friends, short animation series with the bold nature scenes … 18+, not because of the openings cave only for adulthood, but because of the relatively macabre images only seen in horror films but rather carefully hidden beneath the crust cute, fun and colorful of this film.
Recently, a new indie game called Lakeview Cabin Collection was launched. Similar games Happy Tree Friends cartoon, this game also gives the player the feeling of “chilling” literally. However, all with the use of funny cartoon images.
Lakeview Cabin Collection is a horror game episodic comedy, inspired by the classic slasher movie.
Get ready to die violently and have fun while doing it! Controlling a youth group and enjoy your time on different environments. – Use the tools provided in a creative way and defeat the evil! fnaf 3
The game had an animated appearance a year ago. It is a hassle for a dev group. This graphical style that used for the initial Lakeview Cabin much easier, and it ensures that the game really is done.
In Lakeview Cabin Collection game, the game will be played campers participate in a meeting in a deserted campgrounds and backcountry. Sounded like horror movies, right? And then these miserable fools, unable to defend themselves become prey of mutants who, not unlike the guy like Jason in Friday the 13th, Ghostface in Scream or such. The pitfalls, difficulties began stalking party anytime.
You’ll be able to do anything they want in the game, from strolling around, to sit and drink some beer to have refreshments. But all your procrastination are not effective against your enemies. Sooner or later, you will be faced with dangerous bloodthirsty lurking somewhere in the world of gaming. Meanwhile, things will become extremely bad, and you will have to do everything just to survive only.
Play through it very attractive, but the beauty of the game lies in the atmosphere of the game screen. you’ll be fumbling gradual so as not to end up like the guy, the guy with the bad girl killer “act” before. Despite owning only 8-bit images, but they all bring a sense of extreme realism, life-like game called Lone Survivor indie disaster earlier this zombie.
Contrary to death, the image of this game is built like a funny cartoon character. However, behind it is a macabre world without warning. you will certainly be chilling quickly. However, be prepared and prove that you are a brave man.
Along with the photos are from the audio sound. Designed pretty chin chu up the audio in the game also gives players many different emotions.
Currently Lakeview Cabin Collection was released on Steam platform at a price of $ 10.
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