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Game Dead Island was rated no worse Five nights at Freddy’s 3

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fnaf - Game Dead Island is one of the MOBA is expected today. Game opened the door and get the attention of the majority of gamers worldwide.
Horror degree of games built in this zombie theme is assessed not inferior cult horror game series Five nights at Freddy’s.
The game takes place in the resort Palms Resort in Banoi, Papua New Guinea. Dead Island takes the player to a world of death to determine the presence of living everywhere. The player plays a character in Xian Mei 4 (hotel staff), Logan (athlete surfing), Sam B (former rapper) and Purma. These 4 characters are immune to the zombie.
Game Dead Island begins with the character wakes up at midnight after dinner and found almost all residents were turned into zombies Palms Resort. This is a very terrible truth. The first mission of the game is for players familiar with the game. Characters trapped in a tent at the coast with few survivors. One of them require outside help characters succumb to the zombies. Then picked protagonist ground paddle and walked out of the tent.
Enemies in the game Dead Island is diverse. Currently, some types of zombies has been revealed. The Suicider with large body and growing ulcers all over her. The Butcher bringing human form, long hair and 2 arm amputated. The Ram wear tight coats, mouth masks. The Drowner have red eyes, covered in slime. They are terrible and frightening.

When the beginning of the game, the undead moving relatively slowly. Therefore, solving them is quite easy for any gamer. However, after completing a few certain tasks, players will encounter many enemies with speed and very healthy. This will require you to dexterity and agility than in combat operations.
The primary weapon of the player is initially mounted a baseball bat spiked. Gamers can upgrade and damage to its accessories in the workshop. After that, players will participate in the play called Time To Kill by adventure to some parts of the island and kill zombies.
Dead Island’s gameplay emphasizes perspective first action style open world. Interoperability of the game is very good environment. The game supports co-op play for up to 4 people via LAN and online. Besides, the game also focus on exploiting the elements melee (melee), refine weapons and weaponry, RPG features …
The game’s graphics are quite nice evaluation, especially when simulating the natural landscape and water garden on the island. Zombie detailed design, prominent veins on each face and body. Interactive system and destroy good, especially in those moments clash characters and destroy enemies.
One other notable point of Dead Island is its appearance stamina bar. After fighting with a weapon in a certain time, the character must pause to “energy charged” for weapons to be able to continue to use. This is a growing challenge for the players participating in games. However, this difference promises to make game more interesting.
Techland Dead Island is being developed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.
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